climate is changing faster than the government

Ziggywigs drew my attention to one of the short films produced by the Climate Change Communication Initiative (UK) on YouTube.

This got me surfing to see what the Australian Government has communicated about climate change. Not a lot that I would consider engaging or suitable for a general audience:

I also came across these groups who are not only advocating for ‘doing’ something about climate change but communicating in a more interesting and compelling way:

If I didn’t think that climate change is a serious issue, the Budget 2007: Peter Costello’s “other” speech video from the Greenpeace Australia Pacific site, would be good belly laugh.

The UK’s Climate Change Communication Initiative I consider to be the best web site (that I have found so far) to create awareness, facilitate understanding, and provide information about what is being done, and what you can do. I just wish the Australian Government would do something, rather than trying to appear to be doing something.


2 thoughts on “climate is changing faster than the government

  1. Thanks for your link…..i have had a look through the links and i see what you mean about suitability….not really easy to find the information. I really enjoyed your ‘alternative’ budget speech, very amusing particularly the bit about the penguins.

    I’m pleased you found the short video informative and helpful. I also found some good sites in Canada. No sure what it’s like in Aus but in UK we are all now recycling daft…literally. We have our Green (landfill), brown (compostable waste) and blue (paper/cans) bins at home for recycling and other bins ‘daleks’ for producing compost. the recycling centres are fantastic, they recycycle, wood, tyres, oil, batteries, household items, furniture (via local charity) – a lot of money has been put into all this by the government. Those that don’t want/need to compost usually pass their waste to those who do ( i get my MIL’s waste to go in my bin) but then the Brits are known for being a little eccentric! Great Blog.

  2. @Ziggywigs
    Thank you for visiting and saying hello.

    Recycling in Western Australia does not sound as easy as it does in the UK, eccentric or not 🙂

    We have one recycling bin where we put in a limited range of items to be collected fortnightly. We are able to put in plastic (numbered 1 to 5), paper, glass jars and bottles, and aluminium and steel cans.

    We used to have bottle-banks, that sound similar to your daleks, but they have mostly disappeared now.

    A couple of times a year we have what I call “bring out your dead day”. The council will collect items off the verge if they are sorted according to their instructions.

    At other times there are specific initiatives. For example, we can take the plastic pots to collection points, and recently our local council is a drop-off point for printer cartridges.

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