plant foods

breads and cereals (preferably wholegrain)

Casalinga Sourdough and Parisian Boule bread baked by New Norcia Bakeries in Malaga (12km from Perth) and we purchase from Scutti (1.5km from where we live). Have yet to investigate where they obtain their main ingredients, for example, baker’s flour, salt, and fresh yeast.

Plain flour (Black & Gold) packed for A.A.W. in New South Wales, Australia. Product of Australia and distributed by an Australian owned company.

San Remo‘s couscous, a product of Italy. In Canning Vale, with head office is in South Australia, but Alphico Marketing Pte Ltd, Singapore is listed as the importer and distributor. So who knows where it’s from or been. Box purchased from local supermarket.

Italian bread flour (farina per pane) produced by Molini Pizzuti s.r.l. (Italy).

Plain flour (Black & Gold) packed for A.A.W. in New South Wales, Australia. Product of Australia and distributed by an Australian owned company.

Weinteriga rolled oats from Kojonup, Western Australia are certified by Demeter. To be honest, I didn’t get them because the oats are grown without chemicals, but that they had a recipe for Anzac Biscuits on the side. The oats are very tasty on their own as were the Anzac Biscuits 🙂

Penne Rigata fresh pasta made by Mancini in Kelmscott, 23 kilometres from Perth. Purchased from Scutti’s. Label on Penne Rigata states: “Made in Australia from local ingredients”.

Primarvera Arborio rice imported from Italy and packed by European Foods in Northbridge, Western Australia.

Lal Qilla Basmati rice made by Amar Singh Chawal Wala from Amritsar, India. Purchased from Swansea Street Markets, East Victoria Park, Western Australia.


Bananas, from the Sweeter Banana Co-operative, Carnarvon. Advertised as “100% West Aussie Bananas” with the “Buy WA First” mark.

Blueberries, a product of New Zealand, marketed by First Fresh NZ Ltd, and packed by Bullfrog International (Cannington, Western Australia). Not something I would normally purchase, but I can justify it this time as a treat for Christmas. I have been able to grow loganberries in the garden, but not blueberries. It appears that blueberry plants like cooler weather than that experienced in Perth.

Peaches from Meekatharra, Western Australia. 765 km north of Perth.


Pine nuts from Ducks Nuts. An Australian owned company based in South Australia. There are a range of Ducks Nuts available from Woolworths.

dried peas, beans and lentils

Chick peas produced by McKenzie’s of Altona, Victoria, Australia. I’m not sure how many thousands of kilometres these have travelled in order for me to purchase them from Twee of Eziway South Perth, 1.5 km away.

The label on the Cho Dang fresh tofu states that it is a Product of Australia (Blackwater, New South Wales). However, I cannot find any mention of Australia on the website (Chinese/English). The tofu has a smooth texture and is firm enough for stirfry. However, it has little taste of its own, but perhaps this is the style being that tofu is mostly used to absorb the flavours of the dish.

Tallyho Farm organic tempeh (natural) is produced in Kelmscott, Western Australia. Purchased from Loose Produce, South Perth. It looked like a cooked beef burger, so I’m not sure about the ‘natural’. But it tasted good in the Terik Tempeh dish that I made.

King Land Soy Products Organic firm tofu is produced by King International Pty Ltd (includes many recipes for using tofu), Queensland, Australia. I included this in an Indonesian dish I learnt to cook a couple of weeks ago – Terik Tempeh (tempeh in a dry and mild curry). Perhaps it was because the tempeh was so tasty, but this tofu was quite bland.

Pureland Organic tofu is produced by King International Pty Ltd, Queensland. Purchased from Cannington Fresh Markets. This is definitely not going to win because of the food miles, but also the texture is not as palatable as the more local tofu.

Tallyho Farm tofu is certified 100% organic and produced in Kelmscott, Western Australia. Purchased from Loose Produce, South Perth.


Avocado, from Sunny Days, New Zealand. Sigh. I just read that the ‘Sunny Days’ brand is “an exclusive brand to Coles Supermarkets”. I don’t/will not shop at Coles and I know H will not set foot in the shop, so how come we have this fruit available from our local Eziway?

Garlic, from Argentina. To be honest, the local garlic was not available and this looked much better than the bleached bulbs from China.


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  1. Sorry Krystyna, my rose is not for sale. I had difficulty finding one for myself and I have been on the look out for a white one.

    They are not popular here, so the rose farms do not grow them very often.

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