the esplanade

I particularly avoid busy streets and fortunately able to do this as I live and work where I am not in heavy road traffic and crowded streets.


The esplanade has a shared path and pedestrian path on either side of the road. I used to cycle on the road, but since last week I have been cycling on the shared path. Not as smooth as the road, but less likely that I am going to have a four-wheel drive head-on my side of the road!

The woman is walking towards Mends Street, South Perth, the bottom of which the ferry comes in from across the river from the city. This is the path that I sometimes run along.



Perth City

The city of cranes. That is what I think of when asked where I live. I can’t remember a time when there has never been building going on.

I am more at home with the river, than I am with the city. Most days, I follow the Swan River on the cycle or shared path to work or uni, get to the Mends Street shops, or simply to go for a walk or run.

As the river courses through the city, I weave through the day.

week of decluttering

Day 7 of decluttering moved a queen bed sized pure wool underblanket.

The underblanket is heavy and took up quite a bit of space, but now it is in the back of the car. It will be either taken to the Dogs Refuge or put in one of the charity bins that accept items other than clothing.

We got a new underblanket when we changed mattresses as it kept the shape of the previous mattress. It was dry cleaned and put away, and I can’t remember how it got to the blue room. But I’m sure we don’t need a spare underblanket.wool uderblanket

counting corks

Day 6 of 365 less things was spent in the blue room counting corks.

The DIY Wine Cork Bath Mat inspired me to see what I had saved in the Veuve Clicquot ice bucket.

cork collection I lost count, but I have over 200 champagne corks, and a handful each of synthetic and cork wine corks, as well as some cork stoppers that I think must have come from port bottles.

If I use the 200 champagne corks I may be able to make a door mat sized mat to go near the back door. I’ll have to play with the idea some more, but I think if I alternated the champagne corks top to bottom, there will be a bit of an edge to stick. Now just have to think what to glue them onto, if anything. counting corks to make into door mat

The ‘ice bucket’ has gone in the recycling bin. It was made of fluted cardboard, and a bit of a novelty when you purchased the champagne many New Years ago.

The corks are now in a cloth bag in the green room. Decluttered from the blue room because they don’t belong there, and into the green room where other UFOs are kept.

Day 3: What’s on your mind?

Today’s Zero to Hero assignment is to write the post that was on my mind when I decided to start a blog.

That’s a bit too long ago.

I can’t remember any particular piece that I wanted to write, but the general feeling was that I wanted to write regularly, let my Mam know what I was up to while she was travelling, and create a space to record the various offline and online projects that I was participating in at the time.

However, I do know why I want to re-vitalise the dilettante blog and I hope that participating in Zero to Hero 30-Day Blog Challenge will assist me with that.

I am on leave from my university coursework and will not be doing any units until Semester 2 starting at the end of July. During the next six months, I want to write more regularly so I don’t get out of the habit of researching and writing.

More recently I have been reading 365 Less Things and Becoming Minimalist, and have decided that 2014 is going to be a more concerted effort to declutter. My goal is to declutter one item or spend 15 minutes a day decluttering, whichever comes first.

Dilettante will hopefully be filled with 365 posts about decluttering, as a primary focus – well, I’ll try. There so many items, topics, and things to take delight in.

containers and lids

On day 4 of 365 less things I was determined to clear out the empty food storage container cupboard of any broken and or unpaired lids and containers.decluttered_containers

There was not as much plastic container clutter to discard as I thought. A few take-away containers without lids or containers, some lids that I thought to keep in case any of the others broke, and some ‘saved’ empty water bottle containers. However, these have now been put in the rubbish bin or recycling bin. It is still a mystery to me why lids which are obviously the same plastic material as the container do not have the recycling symbol on them, so I cannot put them in the recycling bin.

I still haven’t found the lid to the burger press and freezer keeper set. But this is still useful by using one of the burger containers as a lid. It may still turn up, as I haven’t turned out all the cupboards, to match up the containers and lids.

Having emptied the cupboard, I sorted containers that have a specific purpose and the pyrex containers into the original cupboard, and put the plastic containers onto a shelf in another cupboard. This shelf had been bare for a while, I think because I collected up all the attachments to the food processor we were no longer using and put them in a less accessible cupboard. Although I don’t use all the attachments for kitchen gadgets, I tend to keep them with the appliance. But I’m always questioning whether to discard the ones I don’t use, or simply store them elsewhere like I have done.

How I have arranged the two empty food storage container cupboards may not work, as I have some containers  in-use in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. But will adapt as we go, knowing that the containers are complete with lids.