food classification

Recipe books, recipes, shop keepers, and looking in the refrigerator and cupboards did not help me to classify the food that I eat. ‘The National Food Guide’ (UK) classified foods into eating groups such as:

  • Bread, Other Cereals and Potatoes
  • Fruit and Vegetables
  • Meat, Fish and Alternatives
  • Milk and Dairy Foods
  • Fatty and Sugary Foods

A year later, I decided to use Nutrition Australia’s Healthy Eating Pyramid to document our local food choices as the information comes to hand.

Eat most
All plant foods: vegetables, fruits, nuts, dried peas, beans and lentils, breads and cereals (preferably wholegrain).

Eat moderately
Fish, lean meat, eggs, chicken (without skin), milk, cheese and yoghurt.

Eat in small amounts
Fats, oils and sugar.


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