green energy web hosting

Hang gliding at wind farm near Albany

I was looking around for free web hosting for the Ogg files that I will be producing for the Cooperative Research Centres Association (CRCA) conference next week. Found Gabcast, which led me to ThinkHost.

Since Googling, as you do, I have found numerous web hosts that state that their energy requirements are satisfied by 100% renewable energy. From reading, they do this in several ways:

  • purchasing renewable energy credits to offset their own energy footprint
  • generate their own power from 100% renewable resources
  • energy saving, for example, staff telecommute, paperless offices, plant a tree on your behalf etc

Whatever way they provide web hosting in an ecofriendly way, I think they are worth considering.

I wonder what other types of businesses will begin to stand out from the crowd in this way? Where are the web hosting companies in Australia that are powered by green energy? Perhaps they will consider the latest incentive offered in the Photovoltaic Rebate Programme.


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