who i am

Previously I was writing for my Mam, who was travelling. She is still travelling, but is more contactable now, so I don’t need this medium to make that connection.

I don’t tend to write about personal issues, but rather interests and the world about me.

However, it is time for a new me, as I have really moved on since the previous me. For example, the previous me was studying a Graduate Diploma in Science Communication at UWA, which I graduated from in 2009. I’m still at UWA, but now I’m doing a Master of Infectious Diseases while doing part-time work in an administrative role at The Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases Research and Training.

I have completed 60 of 96 credit points of my Masters, and hope to complete a further 12 credit points in Semester 2, 2015. This leaves a semester long (24 credit points) Research Project which I would like to do interstate or overseas in Semester 1, 2016.

With an insatiable curiosity to learn, in addition to my studies a UWA I also participate in online courses with Coursera, edX, and Udacity. At the moment, I have a tendency towards public health, biomedical science, pharmacology, and of course, infectious diseases. At other times, I create technical documentation for hardware and software engineering products as a partner in Decisions and Designs.

I just wish it was as easy to keep the garden productive and renovate our home, as it is to learn new things. But bits and pieces do get done, and I like to record these goals when achieved, or when I have a photograph that I wish to add some context.

Current interests which may become future blog topics include:

  • reading for BookCrossing
  • running because I can now, thanks to BT Run Club
  • growing things I can eat
  • infectious diseases because I don’t want to get out of the habit of studying while on leave
  • upgrading my computer as both my MacBook and Debian Linux desktop are limping along at the moment
  • simplifying my life through decluttering and minimalism
  • sustainable living

I look forward to discussing these topics with you and reading your blog.


4 thoughts on “who i am

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  2. Lovely and interesting blog. I tried to connect to your pdf tutorial for website creation but it gave me a blank page for the pdf. would love to see the tutorial worksheet etc if ever it was possible.

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