uni week 10

Our Science Communication Strategies group met at ARRC for Greg Lawrence, Communications Officer, CRC LEME to brief us on our roles during the 12th Annual Cooperative Research Centres Association Conference next week. The chairs in the meeting room were very large and comfy. As there are windows on one of the long sides of the room facing the front of the building, the room is affectionately called the fish-bowl.

The session went very smoothly thanks to Greg and Nancy, who facilitated the briefing. We also have a Media Room Manual for us all to follow during the three days of the conference.

Most students are participating in the role of media liaison and media release distribution. I think there are some very interesting speakers, activities, and issues at the conference. Hopefully, the media will think so to and keep the Media Room buzzing.

Last Wednesday, Michael and I had a tutorial with Greg about Audacity, YAMP, and equipment such as the BOSE mixer that we will be using. Next Tuesday, we will be going into the venue to view and check the setup.

After the media launch ‘early’ Wednesday 16 May, I’m scheduled to record the first plenary speaker.

Keynote speakers include:

After the briefing, we listened to Briony’s presentation about Fullerene C60 used in face cream, and Michael’s presentation about a water conditioner that is already commercially available that removes phosphate.


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