hooks and eyes

“Citizens Who Care” want your brassieres.

The Guinness World Record for the longest bra chain is currently held by a cancer awareness group in Cypress, who joined together 111km worth of bras.

To create awareness of breast cancer and raise funds for the McGrath Foundation, Citizens Who Care are collecting bras and need 120,000 in order to enter the Guinness World Records. The challenge was reported by ABC Wide Bay Queensland and organiser Rob Bauer said

But, like all world records, the rules are strict. The articles can only be joined by the usual hooks and eyes one expects to find on ladies’ underwear – no staples or other joining aids are permitted.

The McGrath Foundation provides funds to hospitals and health organisations in order to train and employ breast care nurses to help breast cancer patients. Citizens Who Care are supporting the McGrath Foundation and wish to raise $270,000 over three years to train a specialist breast cancer nurse to work in Wide Bay, Queensland.

So time to turn out your drawers, and send your bras to Far North Queensland, Australia. Help Citizens Who Care create awareness of breast cancer and smash the Guinness World Record for the longest bra chain.


getting back up to speed

Open Directory Project at dmoz.org

I like sorting and creating order, so being a volunteer editor with the Open Directory Project (ODP) gives me great pleasure.

While I have been an editor since July 2001, my activity has been rather sporadic over the last year. Just three days after I had decided to get back up to speed with some regular editing, in the categories of which I am the custodian – ODP experienced an outage (20 October 2006). Oh noes!

The usual criticism and controversy abounds. Jim Hedger questions the current relevance of ODP in Trouble at the ODP, Rich Skrenta writes DMOZ had 9 lives. Used up yet? , and Curt Monash attempts to separate the wheat from the chaff in Fact and Fiction: DMOZ and the ODP.

I have got the general gist of the state-of-play in the editor forums and had a quick look at some categories (all of which need a little TLC). With the excellent tips, articles, and links to pertinent forum threads I’m sure I’ll get into the swing of things. Also, everyone is being so helpful, particularly in welcoming editors after the Christmas/New Year silly season and prior enforced editing break

Fortunately or unfortunately (depending on how you look at it) much of the forum discussion, editor tools and resources, and newsletters are behind the scenes in an editor-only area. My feeling is that this is like any public performance. The artists, directors, and organisers are busy behind the scenes, but there comes a time when we are waiting in the wings ready to give of our audience, the best.

Public forms were set up at The Resource Zone as an informal vehicle for communication between the public and the ODP editing community. If the information readily available does not answer your question, this is the place to ask. Like many other ODP editors, I usually do not respond to emails inquiring about submissions.

ODP editor Shadow575 is not just talking but getting on with it. I think I will too. I’m off to do some editing.