meat and fish

chicken (without skin)

Whole chicken from Mt Barker Free Range Chicken. Mt Barker is 359 km south east of Perth. From the wrapper:

“All our chickens are grown within a 50 km radious of Mt Barker and are fed a special diet that includes the best natural grains and green pastures WA has to offer. During the day they are able to roam freely.”

They go on to say:

“No chemical fertilisers are used on the foraging pastures and our chickens remain free of artificial hormones and antibiotic growth promotants. “

We purchase the chickens from Clayton’s Quality Meats, which is less than a kilometre away.


King Snapper from Exmouth by way of Clayton’s Quality Meats, South Perth. Exmouth is a day and a half’s drive from Perth.

lean meat

Kangaroo mince produced by Macro Meats (South Australia) and available from Woolworths, Victoria Park. 98% fat, antibiotic, chemical and hormone free. One serve (125g) contains 46% RDI. I use it to make lasagne from Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion.




Lemnos Reduced Fat Organic fetta cheese produced interstate in Victoria, Australia. Purchased from Cannington Fresh Markets. This has the same nutrition information as the non-organic, i.e. 16g fat per 100g.

Lemnos reduced Fat fetta cheese from Victoria, Australia. Purchased from Cannington Fresh Markets. We tasted this alongside the organic version, and decided that it was worth paying the $1 extra per 180g. The taste is somewhat equivalent, but the texture of the Lemnos Reduced Fat Organic fetta cheese is soooo much creamier.

Skim fetta cheese (product of Australia) packaged by Scutti. At 27.2% fat, our Greek Salads are going to have to contain a token gesture quantity.

Organic fetta cheese (31.5 % fat) produced by Over Moon, Albany, Western Australia is the most tasty so far with a creamy crumbly texture. Purchased from Loose Produce. Definitely a product I will buy again, but will observe the number (8) of servings per package. Ingredients list vegetarian rennet.



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