a page a day


I’m getting back into proofing and foofing as a DPer with Distributed Proofreaders.

Having had a quick scan of the projects on offer in Proofreading round 1 (check the raw OCR to the scan) I decided on a mixture of philosophy and natural science. I also like to choose projects where most of the pages are available, i.e. the project is relatively new (or difficult). I settled on:

Religion & Sex [1919] Chapman Cohen
My Google search discovered some interesting reading. Including The Meaning and Value of Freethought and Morality Without God, and Deity And Design on web sites called The Secular Web (www.infidels.org) and Positive Atheism (www.positiveatheism.org). The mind boggles.

Man and his Ancestor [1900] Charles Morris
I chose this one as the project forms part of Darwin Day. Also, the level of difficulty was indicated as ‘easy’, so I thought it was a good one to start with.

Was Man Created? [1880] Henry A. Mott, Jr.
This is also a Darwin Day project.

With three proofreading projects to swap between I should be pretty right. For example, if one gets difficult or boring, I can swap to a page of another for a time.

‘one page a day’ is my personal goal, but it would be nice to move a bit from being a Proofreading Apprentice with a total of 389 pages.

I’m not sure when the finished books will be up on Project Gutenberg, as I among others are just beginning these projects. The first Proofreading round 1 project that I worked on in July 2005 is in the Post-Processing stage.