always running

I ran my first 5K on New Years Day 2014. This was real physical running thanks to the cumulative efforts of the coaches and other members at the BT Run Club. I can’t remember the 5K route that was marked out for the day, but in order to get to 5K, during training sessions I walked and ran to the Causeway Bridge and back.

I’m still amazed that I can run, and I certainly recommend the Walk2Run programmes that are offered. I went from walking to running 5K in nine weeks! To keep running is another challenge, but I can say I have been running for over a year now.

This type of running has assisted me greatly this year to provide balance in my life that was tipping the scales literally running around everyone else. The commitment to run with the running club and run myself at other times was great for lowering my stress levels and improve my overall mental and physical fitness.

I’m telling you this, because I started my blog years ago to let my Mam know what I was doing while she was travelling.

My Mam now lives in Naxos, Greece for most of the year so being able to show her my new found fun in a visual way was much more interesting than emailing her a number of how far I had run. However, other readers finding my blog an perusing what I think to tell my Mam is fun too, so I think I have changed a little about what topics I write about, but I often have my Mam, my special reader in mind.




xmas_cake2013Today we unwrapped and cut our Christmas Cake, which we decided would be a New Year’s Cake. And yes I know, it is the 2 January already, but I had a bit much on the 1 January. Tastes absolutely divine – as always. Thanks again Dad and Glenys. The difficulty is going to be portion size given that my rather vague hand-wavey New Year’s resolution is “While it’s fun – keep running. Declutter my mind, body, and stuff.” #RockYourResolution

Item 2 of 365 less things is a plastic grater that I had put away for when the current stainless steel grater wears out. Given that the first stainless steel grater lasted for umpteen years, I decided to put the plastic one into use as I found that it created finely grated parmesan better than the stainless steel grater. However, the plastic grater is not any good for any other type of grating. Also, it is taken up valuable room in my kitchen cupboard having moved it from a storage area in another room.

Rather than discard the plastic grater, I have decided that I will donate it to the local charity shop with a note attached stating that is “good for grating parmesan”. ex_grater

Something that made me laugh ~ Trying out the plastic grater to make absolutely sure, that it only grates parmesan well.

Something Awesome ~ Christmas/New Year Cake – yum.

Something to be grateful for ~ Having a weekly menu plan, so that I could ‘do’ things in my own time.

Something that made me happy ~ Reflecting on 2013, and getting my new calendar and diary ready for 2014.

Something that felt good ~ Still feeling a warm glow from running 5K on New Years Day.

starting over

New Years Eve at the Perth Blues Club was great – a dinner and show that took us through to 2014. Eugene Hideaway Bridges was thoroughly entertaining, such that the time whizzed by, and it was 2014 before you knew it. Not that I’m wishing my life away, just staying up to midnight was a challenge however much I was looking forward to it.

New Years Day brought a last and first. I was last in the field, but it was the first time that I ran 5K. I now have a time of 34:27 to improve on. Yay, go me! Thanks to the BT Run Club for offering a Walk2Run programme which I started at the beginning of October. You could say, today was my graduation.

xmas_koalas I’m still decluttering, but I’m going to tackle it differently this year. I like the suggestion made on 365 Less Things. That is, “Resolve to declutter one thing a day for a whole year.” However, I’m going to practice this for 31 days, i.e. for January and see how I go.

Day one of decluttering/un-cluttering involved letting go of my Christmas koalas. I didn’t use them this year because they were in much need of repair. However, even if I did go and get the black coloured pipe-cleaner to replace the koala claws, the cardboard was separating, and they were just hanging together. So the cardboard has gone into recycling, and I have kept the eyes and noses in my sewing basket because you never know when you might need them!

Something that made me laugh ~ Going out on NYE (first time in years), and while yawning about 9.30pm, wondering whether I would see in the New Year before falling asleep. Fortunately, the dinner, company, and show were splendid, so the time whisked by and it was the New Year before I knew it!

Something Awesome ~ Completed my first timed 5K run.

Something to be grateful for ~ That I have much to look forward to in 2014.

Something that made me happy ~ Making nibblies for the BBQ picnic after the BT Run Club 2014  New Day 5K.

Something that felt good ~ Thoughtfully tying up the shoe laces on my running shoes before getting on my bike to go down to the river foreshore for my first timed 5K run.