insatiable curiosity

Sleeping Midnight

My blog name ‘dilettante’ and tagline ‘The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.’ has been here from inception.

Not knowing what I wanted to blog about, I decided to write about what I was learning, interested in, or discovering at the time.

I have an insatiable curiosity and love of learning. Which is why I thought of ‘dilettante’. I wouldn’t say that I dabble, as I take my pursuit of curiosity very seriously, but once I’ve ‘figured something out’, I’m ready to move on to the next step in life-long learning. However, the crossover of art and science I find is the most intriguing.

The tagline was found in an email sig, and I thought that it was attributed to Dorothy Parker. But now I don’t know whether it was Ellen Parr and or Eleanor Roosevelt. Not sure how to find the definitive answer to that one.

I’m still happy to be a dilettante and my curiosity is still somewhat insatiable.


letting go

Shelby cat on the doona having stripped the bedToday is day 3 of 365 less things. But it is not so much about decluttering as letting go.

On Monday 24 June 2013 we euthanased Shelby, our tabby cat of nearly 19 years.

We took Shelby cat to the vet on the previous Saturday, who said we would need a miracle. I don’t believe in miracles, but the fact was we were not ready to say goodbye. The vet had a very busy surgery, and I wasn’t prepared to let him give Shelby the green dream and for us to say goodbye within several minutes. So we took her home, and nursed her over the weekend. I have had her ‘ashes’ on my desk since then, albeit packaged in a nice velvet bag, together with a certificate authenticating they were her ashes only, nice poem or reflection, candle, all enclosed in a brown paper bag covered in black paw prints – until today.

Today we scattered Shelby’s ashes under the Olive McKenzie rose. I watered them in because there was a bit of a breeze blowing.

So it’s done. And the candle has gone with the other candles because you can never have too many candles, paperwork where I put paper until it is ‘sorted’, and the rest to recycling.

Now we are cat less. But it is agreed that this is the status quo – the first time in my life so far.

Although we haven’t had a walking meowing cat since June 2013, I recognise that I had modified my behaviour to accommodate our feline pets. For example, we use one room in the house as a store room and when I go in there I close the door behind me in case ‘one of the cat gets in’. I no longer need to do this, as there are no cats to get in, but it does feel very strange leaving doors open. But I remember when we had any one of our three cats, that because they weren’t allowed in the green room (because the walls are painted green), the cats used to shoot in the room and go under furniture or at the back of book shelves. They would not come out when we called them, and had to literally pull them out from behind the books in the book shelves, or from under furniture.

Anyway, Shelby is no longer on my desk, but scattered under the Olive McKenzie as the roses remind me of her tabby fur.