good bug bad bug

I’m 60% through my Master of Infectious Diseases at The University of Western Australia. Today I have applied for Approved Leave for first semester next year which means I will be starting in Semester 2, 2015. During my leave (assuming I get it), I want to revise the units of study that I have completed, ready to get stuck into the two semester 2 units: Diagnostic Medical Microbiology and Antimicrobial Agents. Then the grand finale will be a semester long research project in Semester 1, 2016.

Essentially, not including this month, I have eight months to revise 10 units. That’s the bad bugs; microbial human pathogens.

The MicroBlitz project is where the good bugs come in. MicroBlitz is a project that is mapping the soil microbial diversity of the whole state of Western Australia. I joined this group as a volunteer/intern in the DNA sequencing laboratory, but have also become involved in some of the community outreach, science communication, web, and social media activities.

I plan to use this blog to provide some structure to revising the bad bugs for my infectious diseases course, but at the same time, research the good bugs that are important to soil microbial diversity.


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