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Day 5 of the Zero to Hero Blogging Challenge was to try three new themes, including one I would never think of using.

Although the assignment did not include writing today, I wanted to record here for future reference the themes that I previewed using Appearance ->Themes from the Dashboard.

I took snapshots, as I couldn’t find them all in the Theme Showcase.

Dilettante as White as MilkThe original theme was White as Milk, which I chose because it was easy to read. The left panel included widgets that I used to browse and search my blog, and links to other blogs and websites that I regularly visited.

My original requirements were the same when looking for a new theme, that is, easy to read and access archived posts. However, one of the adjustments that I will make is to create a page for my Blogroll, as it was too long for many of the newer themes, and also I now have the WordPress Reader.

Dilettante as VisualI changed my theme to Visual. It is a three-column layout, but I like that it accommodates posts with and without images. Once you click on a post or page, the right-navigation menu includes all the widgets that I am used to. However, many of these are redundant now so I will work to reduce and refresh these as time goes on.

Dilettante as ChalkboardOther themes that I considered were Chalkboard and Quentin. It was difficult to choose between Visual and Chalkboard. I liked Chalkboard because it has a very similar layout to White as Milk, just more whimsical. But I went with Visual this time, as I wanted to play with the three-column layout.

Dilettante as QuentinThe Quentin theme originally appealed because of the colour and design elements that made my think of ‘The Olde Curiosity Shoppe’. But I decided that other than this, it was pretty much the same as White as Milk.

I can see that I will need to edit some of my previous posts to fit into the three-column width of the front page, but I’ll figure this out as I go.


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