containers and lids

On day 4 of 365 less things I was determined to clear out the empty food storage container cupboard of any broken and or unpaired lids and containers.decluttered_containers

There was not as much plastic container clutter to discard as I thought. A few take-away containers without lids or containers, some lids that I thought to keep in case any of the others broke, and some ‘saved’ empty water bottle containers. However, these have now been put in the rubbish bin or recycling bin. It is still a mystery to me why lids which are obviously the same plastic material as the container do not have the recycling symbol on them, so I cannot put them in the recycling bin.

I still haven’t found the lid to the burger press and freezer keeper set. But this is still useful by using one of the burger containers as a lid. It may still turn up, as I haven’t turned out all the cupboards, to match up the containers and lids.

Having emptied the cupboard, I sorted containers that have a specific purpose and the pyrex containers into the original cupboard, and put the plastic containers onto a shelf in another cupboard. This shelf had been bare for a while, I think because I collected up all the attachments to the food processor we were no longer using and put them in a less accessible cupboard. Although I don’t use all the attachments for kitchen gadgets, I tend to keep them with the appliance. But I’m always questioning whether to discard the ones I don’t use, or simply store them elsewhere like I have done.

How I have arranged the two empty food storage container cupboards may not work, as I have some containers  in-use in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. But will adapt as we go, knowing that the containers are complete with lids.


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