xmas_cake2013Today we unwrapped and cut our Christmas Cake, which we decided would be a New Year’s Cake. And yes I know, it is the 2 January already, but I had a bit much on the 1 January. Tastes absolutely divine – as always. Thanks again Dad and Glenys. The difficulty is going to be portion size given that my rather vague hand-wavey New Year’s resolution is “While it’s fun – keep running. Declutter my mind, body, and stuff.” #RockYourResolution

Item 2 of 365 less things is a plastic grater that I had put away for when the current stainless steel grater wears out. Given that the first stainless steel grater lasted for umpteen years, I decided to put the plastic one into use as I found that it created finely grated parmesan better than the stainless steel grater. However, the plastic grater is not any good for any other type of grating. Also, it is taken up valuable room in my kitchen cupboard having moved it from a storage area in another room.

Rather than discard the plastic grater, I have decided that I will donate it to the local charity shop with a note attached stating that is “good for grating parmesan”. ex_grater

Something that made me laugh ~ Trying out the plastic grater to make absolutely sure, that it only grates parmesan well.

Something Awesome ~ Christmas/New Year Cake – yum.

Something to be grateful for ~ Having a weekly menu plan, so that I could ‘do’ things in my own time.

Something that made me happy ~ Reflecting on 2013, and getting my new calendar and diary ready for 2014.

Something that felt good ~ Still feeling a warm glow from running 5K on New Years Day.


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