Reading The Power of Gratitude – 4 Ways to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude I had an “A-Ha” moment. I realised that I do consciously recognise things for which I am grateful, but they are often put aside as I get caught up in the activities and thoughts of the days and weeks ahead.

The idea of keeping a gratitude journal was the “Woo-Hoo” moment, as I already have one – this blog. The purpose of which has wobbled around a bit, picking up things in which I became interested, and silence around things that I no longer find interesting. Also, I recognise that there is almost a two year hiatus, which I may describe some day to fill in the gaps for myself.

Actually, it may be a bit harsh to say that I have become disinterested in things. It’s just that I have found additional things to be interested in, and I am finding it overwhelming to fit them all in.

The “Breakthrough” point is that although I did not write here for all of two years, I did read some entries and reflected on when and what things happened, and to read some old how-tos to see if they could assist me with new stuff I was trying to figure out.

kikki.K has some adorable journals and resources to record resolutions, happiness and things to be grateful for, but I will continue to write here, participate in the Collaborative Happiness Project, and the Daily Post.

The gist of the ‘Power of Gratitude’ article is to write down 3-5 things a day you feel grateful for, express your gratitude, look for what is right about a situation rather than what is wrong, and practice gratitude with family and friends.

Hermit CrabI read somewhere about having a gratitude jar. I’ve decided to have a ‘gratitude piggy’. Instead of saving money in my piggybank, I’ll write down on slips of paper the things I am grateful for and put them in my piggybank to be opened at a time yet to be determined.

This morning I am grateful for being able to have a break from work over Christmas and New Year including a trip to Eco Beach (1 1/2 hours drive South of Broome, Western Australia), waking up early and listening to the birds as I type on my keyboard, the opportunity to make choices of how I will spend my last day of the holiday, and that I am in good health to make goals for the coming year.


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