Daily Prompt Post: Resolved

Fishing at Eco Beach, Broome, Western Australia

Have you ever made a New Year’s Resolution that you kept?

Yes, last year I resolved to become stronger and fitter.

It wasn’t what some people would say is a SMART goal, but I just wanted to go for the year making mostly the right decisions about nutrition, sleep, stress management, and health.

I am stronger because I can:

  • peddle my bike better by having increased my cadence. Note: Christmas present last year was to add an electric kit to my bike, so the only way I know how I’m doing is to look at cadence.
  • see that I am a lot more flexible while doing the Pilates and Dance videos on SparkPeople.

I can see that I am fitter because I have gone down a size. This has also helped with my decluttering, as I have thrown out or donated my big clothes so I am not tempted to fill them out again.

This year I am going to crank it up! Finances permitting, I wish to add dancing, swimming, Pilates classes, and running to my repertoire. Also, there are a couple of exercises that I find difficult or cannot do – yet. I want to be able to master:

Currently, I am continuing to practice planks and roll-ups, but I will start swimming next week when I return to work. The plan is to go twice/week on the way to work.

January, February and March I have streaks happening, but cranking up the exercise fits in with these, as it makes me happy, helps with the decluttering, and I’m sure will help me study better.


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