Peace at Eco Beach, Broome, Western AustraliaFor 2011 I resolved to become fitter and stronger, and I did.

I lost 5kg, rode my bicycle to and from work/university (20km round trip), and completed the year’s units in my Masters well.

What I have learnt during the year is that it is ok to make an appointment with myself, and doing my best most of the time instead of aiming for perfection is key to achieving my goals.

I didn’t do this all by myself.

The Progress, Not Perfection SparkTeam and many SparkPeople friends greatly assisted me with consistency in good nutrition, getting enough sleep, and exercising both mind and body.

In addition, I participated in a Stress Management Programme at The University of Western Australia’s Robin Winkler Clinic facilitated by two research students as part of their degree. I benefited greatly from participating in this group, and the tools and skills I learnt from this are still with me months later. Almost every day I practise:

  • relaxing or calm breathing,
  • thought challenges, and
  • non-negotiable self care.

Less frequently now I practise progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), although I have it on my self care list to do now and again.

I am not going to make any resolutions, but I will do some more streaking – a new one every 30 days.

January streak is to do more of what makes me happy. and because a “goal without action(s) is only a wish” I am planning on reflecting on the day and practising gratitude as part of kikki.K’s The Collaborative Happiness Project.

February streak is to find new ways of decluttering and jumpstart the decluttering I started year before last. Admittedly, I started this on New Year’s Day by joining eBay and since then listing something new on eBay every day.

March streak is the most challenging of all. I do not have any units to take in first semester having completed them all, so although I am enrolled I will not be taking any units until Semester 2 starts at the end of July. I want to form and implement a plan of self-study to revise in preparation for a 3/4 load. That’s if meteor doesn’t make us dust!

The idea of streaking is that you go for as long as you can. However, while searching for decluttering resources I came across the idea of a 30-day trial. That is, you try a new habit for 30 days, and if you like it, you keep it, if you don’t give it up. So this is why I have three streaks leading up to the doompocalpyse.


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