lots of little boxes

Today I gained about six square metres of floor space by removing boxes.

The boxes were from previously acquired electrical goods and tools. Most of the boxes had been there for at least two years!


I kept the boxes as the warranty or guarantee was for two, five, or ten years – depending on the ‘stuff’.

The instructions and warranty were filed, non-recycleable packaging put in the bin, and the cardboard flattened to go in the garden ready to put under the mulch (hay).

flattened boxes

Yay, week three of The De-clutter ’52 Things in 52 weeks’ Challenge accomplished.


4 thoughts on “lots of little boxes

  1. hi Jacqueline,
    very impressive amount of boxes and paper
    you have an additional room now; we do the
    same accumulating every thing we don’t often need (or also old magazines) in our ceils

  2. nice! i also had to de-clutter my closet in order to make room for my text books…school started so i HAD to clean up the place…i had a load of papers to recycle.
    congrats on completing week three of the challenge!

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