The Refuge

Started work late so could finish late and go straight to the Somerville to see Le Refuge.

I had my eyes closed for the first few minutes of the film as I don’t like needles. It was difficult to know when to open them as I don’t speak French, so I just listened until there was some dialogue recognising that using the needle either required much concentration and or was a private activity. But once the sharp bits were out of the way, I enjoyed this film immensely.

It is a sad story, but a feeling of hope and transformation unfolded from the miserable beginnings of drug use and bereavement. The characters were believeable, and apart from the ‘Mother’ likeable. The film ended unexpectedly, which was a delightful twist, and it did leave me wondering whether there was going to be a sequel.

The evening could be called ‘The Refuge’ too. It was wonderful to be able to just turn up and enjoy the film, company, food and wine. D brought the wine, and H and E brought the food. It was a great end to a busy week.

The ride home on our bikes was great. It was quiet along the cycle path, and the wind was with us most of the way.


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