playing games

On Facebook, I was invited to play games, but began to find them very tedious as crops, animals, and fish would die, or neighbours would help by providing gifts that then needed to be recipricated within a certain time frame. I have cut back to one game on Facebook, that is, PetVille. So Facebook gaming friends, if I don’t appear to be responding, it’s because I have removed all the games from my account except for Petville.

I was introduced to Travian through Facebook, and I have been playing for just over 18 months, the first game I registered lasted the longest. This first game was on au4, and I overlapped this with aux, and I am currently in the end game of au3. I have played as a Gaul for all games, except for when ‘sitting’ other accounts.

What I enjoy most about Travian, is that you complement the game with other web sites, forums, IRC, and Skype. The conversations in and around the game are as much fun as the game itself.

Although you start off as an individual, it is difficult to continue to play well without teaming up with other players to sit your account and join an alliance.

I’m not sure if I will continue to play Travian as I am currently working fulltime wtih two parttime jobs, and hopefully in a couple of weeks time I will be working parttime and studying parttime. So patchy internet access and time needed to focus on new activities to do well.


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