orange and lemon

Gerberas are one of my favourite flowers. The last couple of times I have been to the Manning Farmer’s Market, the flower grower there has offered pots of gerberas – two for $10.

The pots are a little unruly, and you can see they should have been divided, but they are a bargain. I have created two flower beds full of gerbera’s from four pots of gerberas.

The garden bed alongside the washing line includes both orange and lemon Gerbera plants, while the front garden has gold or orange.

I cut the flowers before planting out, and stuck them in the jug with the spring onions intending to arrange them later. I never did. I sort of liked the gerberas in with the green leaves of the spring onions.

Unfortunately, since I planted them we have had many days above 35 deg C, so I am really have to nurse some of them along. But once they seem to get established they are strong plants and appear to bear the heat of the day quite well. Springing up in the cooler evening.


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