decluttering and letting go

The De-clutter 52 Things in 52 weeks Challenge

I wouldn’t call myself a hoarder, but I definitely have ‘stuff’ that is not loved or used – too much in fact! Well, not according to some people I know, but it is a personal decision and I consider what I have is far more than I want.

I have been flying on and off since April 2008. Looking at all my stuff, you would probably say ‘off’. But while I know I may not have ‘put away’, ‘give away’, or ‘throw away’ as much as I would have liked, I know that I have not recently brought into my home anything, and resisted most strongly when other people want to give me their stuff.

This Christmas New Year period I had two weeks holiday and decided the main task that I wanted to do was to begin to declutter. Note, the word ‘begin’, because even I know that realistically I could not declutter over two weeks.

I started by gathering together the pile of diaries and calendars (1999, 2005-2010) and spent a week going through them all and noting in a personal journal and 2011 desk diary any achievements and experiences where I could improve. This not only decluttered the physical diaries, but decluttered my mind.

I plan to follow FlyLady’s How to Declutter, i.e. set a timer for 15 minutes and ‘put away’, ‘throw away’, or ‘give away’ during that time. Also, I picked up a copy of Corinne Grant’s Lessons in Letting Go before the holidays which gave me some perspective to the task that I was about to begin.

During decluttering I came across The Organised Housewife with a number of posts related to organising and decluttering. The “The De-clutter ’52 Things in 52 weeks’ Challenge” is appealing because the number 52 makes decluttering my home sound so easy. Fifty two weeks in a year, one declutter a week, I can do that!


4 thoughts on “decluttering and letting go

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  3. Some people are going for 100 objects – to get rid of everything else and retain only 100. (Not including communal items like the kitchen table or cooker.)
    Others are going crazily radical and aiming for only 10.
    Gandhi had even fewer.

    • Thank you for your comment. I must admit I had not thought about the number of objects to retain, only that I want to declutter.

      I’ll think about ‘100 objects’, once I feel that I have decluttered. Although, I know already that books would need to be considered as one object, to consider this idea further 🙂

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