2010 in review

I thought at the time that participating in Blog Action Day 2010 was a way of starting to again regularly write for my family and friends that I don’t often get to see. However, there was only that one new post to this blog last year.

Having just been through my diary, started my 2011 diary, and put up our 2011 calendar I thought I would reflect on 2010 and attempt to start afresh.

In January, our photovoltaic system was installed. As of today it will have been installed a year, and the novelty of looking at the meter spinning backwards has still not worn off.

In February, H and I went to Sydney with Mam, Richard and UC. This package was to take in the Edinburgh Military Tattoo – A Salute to Australia which was a very generous present from Mam and Richard. I also fitted in a cruise of Sydney Harbour, a job interview, and a visit to the Rupert Bunny exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW.

February was also the Festival 10. Although we only went to eight events, we attended almost all of the festival films.

In March, I was able to persuade H to go to salsa dance classes at the Kings St Arts Centre and we continued right up until the end of August.

I bumped into April, literally. Fortunately, CT scans and time have shown that I have no lasting effects from running into the stairwell in the University Guild, except for giving the stairwell a wide berth when making my way to The Co-op Bookshop or Talking Heads hairdressers.

In May, Shelby had a stroke. She is still with us, but continues to have days when she walks in a curve or puts her head on the side giving us what we have come to recognise as ‘that look’.

In June, we started to go to QiYoga at the hall just down the street.

Started a master’s degree in July, but withdrew in August with the intention of starting again in semester one in 2011 instead.

At the end of August, H set out with the Flying Cyclist as a crew member to support the record attempt to cycle from Perth to Sydney in under eight days.

In November, Midnight was put to sleep as attempts to treat a severe UTI were unsuccessful and she stopped eating and drinking.

Throughout the year I continued to make weekly menu plans and took my shopping list to the Manning Farmer’s Market.

I’m not one for New Year resolutions, but 2011 is ringing in some changes so I feel that I will need to set some goals. Plans so as to focus on what I want to do and not overscheduling to allow for what does actually happen (when you don’t plan at all).


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