sourdough croissants


If you had asked me before today whether I like croissants, I would have given you a straight no.

Today, I can tell you I like very much the sourdough croissants that I made with Yoke this morning.

We tasted and scoffed plain sourdough croissants, sourdough croissants with chocolate filling (i.e. shaved bitter chocolate), and sourdough croissants with an almond filling.

The workshop also consisted of making a Tarte Tatin and slow-roasted vegetable quiche both made with croissant dough. We had the quiche and Tarte Tatin for lunch. Phew!

The making does not require any special kitchen equipment (unlike the Wholegrain, Sprouted Wholegrain and Essene Sourdough breads), but I will need to clear the end of the kitchen bench to be able to roll out the dough 75 cm x 30 cm, and a wider rolling pin will make the task that much easier. Like in previous workshops, all the dough was made with organic or biodynamic ingredients and wholemeal wheat or spelt flours.

Fortunately, the pre-formed dough and formed croissants can be frozen or refrigerated so I don’t have to eat 32 croissants all at once. Knowing what goes into them, I think they will be a special treat! However, I’m looking forward to having some dough ready in the freezer and refrigerator. And just so you know, it takes hours for the dough to become something you can eat from the freezer or refrigerator.


2 thoughts on “sourdough croissants

  1. hi jacqueline,

    how are you going…so long no see! are u well? how is the renovation of your house going?

    i have revamped my website, i have always published a link to your website. could u pls do a reciprocal link to me pls.

    btway…i have flatbread n crackers n dips class SAT NOV 16th, christmas classs SAT 20th NOV and new fab classes on SOURDO BOILED BAGELS, DONUTS (diff types incl churros) and real sourdo baguette SAT DEC4th. have u received my emails re these, i had some hardware failures just after i sent these emails.

    looking forward to seeing u again…love yoke

    cheers yoke

    • Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog, Yoke.

      I didn’t know that you had a web site. When I write about your sourdough breadmaking classes I have been linking to your story on the Slow Food web site.

      I’ll have a Google for your web site. If you have a blog, I would be happy to include you in my Blogroll here.

      Renovations are still going. While I cannot say our house will be a masterpiece, it is certainly looking like it will be our life’s work 🙂

      I’ll check when I last received email from you, and contact you to let you know.

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