cooking with tempeh

And that’s pronounced ‘tem-pay’, not ‘tem-per’ although the latter may be assumed if I cannot resolve the frustration at not being able to make my own tempeh.

I went to a fantastic workshop, and spent four hours observing Yoke and Ocean prepare the most wonderful Indonesian banquet which we all got to eat. I have the instructions for making my own tempeh, and with some hints (not documented in the notes) from Yoke I know I can do it once I solve the problem/issue of the incubator.

To make tempeh, you need to be in Indonesia or in a climate similar. The inoculated soybeans have to be at a constant 30C for 24-36 hours.

Having looked around at various ‘incubators’ [1][2][3][4][5], I’m still thinking of the best solution and it involves being able to monitor the temperature without me having to open the door/lid to view some thermometer. For example, the temperature to be sent digitally to my computer at some interval so that I can see it is at 30C, but also constant at 30C.

In the meantime, I have purchased tempeh produced by Tallyho Farm and Mariza. So far, the Mariza tempeh is more true to what I was introduced to in the workshop. However, the Terik Tempeh (tempeh in a dry and mild curry) that I cooked at home was pretty tasty using the Tallyho Farm ‘natural’ tempeh.

Have also been snacking on Bubur Ketan Hitam (Black Rice Pudding) with salted coconut milk infused with pandan leaves which I also learnt at the workshop.

Next task will be to investigate how to substitute for the coconut milk as I’m sure it is not doing my cholesterol levels any good. However, in addition to the recipes I got from Yoke, have found some pages of the The Book of Tempeh book, that offers some interesting tempeh recipes.







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