October is Vegetarian Awareness Month, and according to this article I can consider myself a “flexitarian”. That is, I eat at least four meatless meals per week.

Interestingly, this Saturday I am going to one of Yoke’s workshops on “TEMPEH: Exploring the traditional and the new way to cook with tempeh”. So hopefully, I will be able to add another food to my growing vegan/vegetarian menu plans.

Since enjoying Yoke’s Sourdough Breakmaking class in June, I have been nurturing my sourdough starter and baking bread. So I’m happy to recommend these thoroughly informative and hands-on classes [1].

Flexitarianism started for me when I began to read further about food miles and seek local food. Exploring and trying the foods available from Loose Produce has certainly made me more aware of fresh tasty food closer to home. Whether this is the sacks of rye flour delivered by the farmer himself to the shop so that I can purchase in smaller quantities to feed my sourdough starter, or the taste sensation of organic fetta cheese from Albany.

[1] As of a week ago, there were still places for the Tempeh workshops. Conducted in Ardross (suburb in Perth, Western Australia) on Thurs 23 Oct or Sat 25 Oct 10am – 2pm. Cost $110. Excerpt from Yoke‘s email:

“TEMPEH: Exploring the traditional and the new way to cook with tempeh, a most important source of digestible protein and b-vitamin for vegetarians and vegans.

I was born in Solo, Java island (Indonesia) – the birthplace of tempeh, so it’s about time that I show you how easy it is to create simple, tasty, nutritious meals and snacks with tempeh. Most people dont like tempeh because they dont know how to cook it. Lets go beyond tempeh burger and learn how versatile and tasty tempeh really is. Class includes: fragrant coconut rice and authentic pandan leaf infused black rice coconut pudding. Hands-on class, wheat-free, dairy free and vegan.”


7 thoughts on “flexitarianism

  1. I used to teach in a private studio just down the road from Loose Produce, and it was probably for the best that I was virtually always running late otherwise I think my wallet and my waistline would have gotten a significant workover by their sweet supplies, particularly the candied peanuts. Mmmm…

  2. Does brekkie count in the meatless meals? If so, I would imagine an awful lot of people who don’t really think of themselves as being particularly vego count as flexitarians by that definition. My reading of that article wasn’t exactly clear as to whether they meant “four meatless meals” or “four meatless days” per week.

  3. @ David Adam
    Not sure about the candied peanuts, but I have ‘occasionally’ got chocolate coated peanuts for H who has said that they are the best! I like the chocolate coated raisins that are in the next container along.

    I think the fact that Loose Produce is one block away from Curves, that they may cancel each other out 🙂

  4. If you are interested in some great flexitarian recipes I would highly recommend the book The Flexitarian Diet by Registered Dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner. It came out earlier this month. It is filled with great science based nutrition and more than 100 recipes. The book is written in a really fun tone which makes it that much better. It is probably the best diet/nutrition/cookbook I have purchased in 5 years. The author has a really fun website too (www.dawnjacksonblatner.com). I have printed out quite a few recipes from her website too.

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