in control

I’ve been flying solo since my last babystep in the third week of May. But I’ll be decluttering for a while yet as stuff is like sand. The more you dig into it, the more boxes I need to temporarily hold the expanded volume.

Fifteen minutes at a time to ‘put away’, ‘give away’, and ‘throw away’ has only seen the emptying of three archive boxes out of the 20+, and that is only my stuff. I’m hoping that H gets enthused with decluttering and some of his boxes get moved too.

I’m now beginning to update my Control Journal from that developed while doing the FlyLady babysteps. Keeping babysteps in mind, I’ll follow Building Your Own Control Journal on

The changes I wish to make include accommodating that we are currently renovating in earnest, which means I cannot always just do the ‘swish and swipe’. Also, although I appear to be doing more [1], for example, ironing teatowels [2], I have more free time to include other routines.

After a workshop on Saturday, I have been making sourdough bread. It doesn’t take very much time, but I need to schedule it better to coincide with lunch or dinner when I’m likely to be ramping up the oven to 230 deg C.

[1] The rubber bladed brush is fantastic for removing cat fur from furniture.
[2] I’ve discovered that ironed linen is easier to put away!


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