my first pomegranate

I got to eat the first ripe fruit from my very own pomegranate tree.

When I cut it from the tree I noticed that it had the obligatory spider in the end of the fruit. I don’t know why pomegranates have spiders, whether they are a particular species, or just opportunists.

It is one of the few things I don’t have to share, as H can’t be bothered. Also, he spits the pips out!

I scored it so that I could break it apart more easily – as you do.

Interestingly, when I went googling on how to propagate the pomegranate tree, I read on that:

For enjoying out-of-hand or at the table, the fruit is deeply scored several times vertically and then broken apart; then the clusters of juice sacs can be lifted out of the rind and eaten. Italians and other pomegranate fanciers consider this not a laborious handicap but a social, family or group activity, prolonging the pleasure of dining.

It was ripe enough, although it could have been left to ripen further. It was tasty, and it was mine.

There is a second larger fruit on the tree, and if I get to eat it this then the tree will have already paid for itself based on current greengrocer prices. Bonus.


6 thoughts on “my first pomegranate

  1. There is only one other fruit on the tree, and I’m not sure whether that is going to ripen. The tree is only three years old.

    I’ll be there next Mon, Tue, and Wed. The other things I’ve got to swap out of the garden at the moment are some herbs, and red chilli.

  2. Congratulations! I love the taste of pomegranate! I’ve got a small shrub growing in my hothouse, which was sown from a seed from a pomegranate bought at the grocery’s. Hopefullly, one day I can eat myh own pomegranate too!

  3. @Katarina
    I pruned the tree for the first time. Now I think I have a wonderfully shaped tree. I have already spotted three flowers!

    The pruning has not gone to waste. They have been planted in pots and at the moment all the cuttings are looking healthy.

    • I am currently eating my first pomegranate from 2009. Oh joy o’ rapture.

      Having taking a few cutting prematurely as we need to renovate the gables to our house near the tree. I am hoping that the these cuttings I can can experiment with growing a lowish hedge.

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