Tonight, I got to try out my new food loopy things on Matambre (Rolled stuffed flank steak).

The only hitch is that I didn’t read the recipe properly until I was putting the ingredients out on the bench. The recipe stated that I needed twice the weight of steak that I had already defrosted and marinated.

I halved the stuffing, and we had most of the spinach and carrots on the side. The spinach I dressed with soy and dashi sauce, and bonito flakes.

Matambre is very tasty, inexpensive (as you can eat cold), and made with simple ingredients. Definitely one I will try again. Except, I don’t know about this ‘cut into 6 mm slices’ or ‘cut into thin slices and served cold’. There is no way that we could have carved our Matambre this way.


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