April reads

Reviewing my reading for April, I think I was really demonstrating my eclectic taste or desperation for reading – anything.

Between reading scholarly papers for my studies, fiction was often a welcome reprieve.

Timeline by Michael Crichton was obtained from Nigel at Pizza With Attitude with the intention of bookcrossing at the newly established BookCrossing Zone. Unfortunately, Pizza With Attitude is no more 😦 I found Timeline fascinating, and if you have any interest at all in medieval history, archaeological digs, or quantum technology – then this book has something for you.

The Zhukov Briefing by Antony Trew is an old old espionage novel involving a submarine aground off the Norwegian coast. The intricacies of world intelligence services dealing with the captain and commissar of the Soviet submarine sometimes reads like a Laurel and Hardy script, and at other times breathtakingly ruthless.

Whirlwind by James Clavell is 1343 pages of high adventure and sub-plots of a helicopter company during the times happening in Iran during February 1979. While reading about the CIA, KGB and MI6 was somewhat intriguing, the relationships and journeys of the helicopter pilots, crew, family, and friends was much more interesting.

Fast, Loose Beginnings: A Memoir of Intoxications by John Kinsella describes the benders and poetry of himself and others that Kinsella meets along the way early in his life as a poet and critic. Having not read his poetry before, I particularly like that which refers to the Western Australian bush.


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