I have been FLYing for ten days.

What has been most remarkable is discovering that electrostatic dusters do in fact work!

Prior to having someone else clean, I have always just walked around the house with a damp or polishing cloth when doing the vacuuming, thinking that feather dusters simply spread the dust. The new cleaner wanted a duster, so she got one.

When I returned to doing the cleaning myself I continued to use the feather duster, but felt that it did not achieve much, and resorted back to walking around with a cloth.

On the weekend I went to the hardware shop for a bannister brush and some long life masking tape (as you do), and discovered that there is a whole world of brushes out there that I did not know about. On a whim, I treated myself to a new electrostatic duster – probably because I had been reading about FLY Lady caring for her feather duster and deciding that the existing one was beyond redemption. It had curled up ends suggesting that I had wiped it across something that was hot.

Well, it is simply amazing. It does in fact pick up the dust. I was only going to do the one room, but I ended up making my way throughout the house.

Reading the label instructions I read that it should not be used on electronic equipment and that I could clean it in soapy warm water. Mmm, I thought. Perhaps this confirms that the previous electrostatic duster did not work, as I can’t remember any zapped computers.


6 thoughts on “FLYing

  1. I did that FLYing for a month or two, but it just breaks the hell down when you have to share the flat with someone else who has lesser ideals about cleanliness. I think I might downscale it to my bedroom however.

  2. I share too 🙂

    Some of the Fly Lady sayings are a little twee if not two fingers down the throat material – but it’s working for me.

    It is a feeling of ‘I can do that’ without the usual ‘crash and burn’.

    Somewhere I have read that the ‘made bed’ is the ‘shiny sink’ of the bedroom.

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