lettuce soup is bad for you

Crema de alface (Lettuce soup) is made from the lettuce that sometimes get frozen in our fridge, or lettuce leaves that don’t look presentable to go in a nice crisp green salad.

It also helps to have some left over cream, which we do when we have people over for dinner. I’m not sure why, but the recipes or menu plans that I follow for special occasions always appear to need cream somewhere.

Having made the lettuce soup, I have an egg white leftover. The most obvious thing to make from leftover egg whites is meringue – to me anyway. Following the sue’s meringues recipe from Stephanie Alexander’s The Cook’s Companion, leaves me with an egg yolk.

On the same page as sue’s meringues is caramel custard, or creme caramel as I call them, that requires two egg yolks among other things. But from this recipe I’m back to having an egg white leftover.

Back to making meringues, then I have an egg yolk leftover, so I can make lettuce soup again. This time with no leftover egg.


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