– one less step

On the Mac, is much better than Word 2008 when using EndNote as there is one less step.

Currently, EndNote (any version) is not compatible with Word 2008 on the Mac so you cannot use the Cite While You Write (CWYW) function. Thomson Scientific are working on a solution. In the meantime, Word 2008 users can use the Format Paper function. Note: If you have previously used CWYW, then you need to select the Cite While You Write option to “Unformat Citations” before proceeding with the Format Paper function.

The Format Paper function is how users format citations and build a bibliography. But, Word 2008 users need to save their paper as a Rich Text Format (*.RTF) file, whereas users can simply save their document as usual. Which if you haven’t looked at the file extension is an OpenDocument Text (*.odt) file.

Select the reference(s) in EndNote and choose Copy.

Position the cursor in your word processing document, and choose Paste to include the citation in your word processing document.

Save your document.

In EndNote, choose Tools -> Format Paper -> Format Paper and select an output style, for example, APA. Click the Format button and select your saved word processing file. Note: It probably is a good idea to enter a new name for the output file so that you have a new copy of your document.

Open the newly created word processing file to view your formatted citations and bibliography.

I have yet to understand why the paragraph and character styles are not consistent, and I do know that if references do not have an author then the output file is corrupted in some way. This is easy fixed, in that you check the integrity of your references before beginning to include them in your word processing document.

There is some mention of CWYW becoming available for mid year. But this may not be necessary if ‘Find Citation(s) …’, ‘Format Paper …’, and ‘Insert Citation’ listed in the Mac Services menu become available. Currently these are greyed out as is everything else when is the front application.


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