Friday good

For the first time in years, we have found something to do on the Friday that is part of the Easter public holidays. Usually, everything is closed, dead – nothing happening.

Apart from the relative quiet which is nice because most people have pissed off south or north for the four day holiday, nothing happens in Perth.

Between our picnic and viewing the Perth International Arts Festival films we walked around the UWA grounds and saw a poster for The York Crucifixion, a production by the Happy Dagger Theatre.

I wanted to go just because the poster indicated that bad things would happen to Barbie (TM).

The play was excellent. It was a very hot evening, and while we could fan ourselves with the programme, I felt for the players who in their theatrical costumes were leaving marks of perspiration as they touched the floor.

One of the 14th to 16th Century York Mystery cycle, the play involved five bouffons and their cart which transformed into various pieces of the set. Switching between old style and contemporary text and styles, the play was challenging to both the players and the audience. But I think they wooed the audience – definitely a hit. If anything, got you thinking beyond chocolate bunnies, boiled eggs, and when the pubs were open. It was thoughtful in part, and hilarious in others.

I’m not sure what all the fuss was about considering that at least two women have undergone physical examinations to make sure they are fit for crucifixion. It is a real shame that it was not better attended.

The only difficulty I had with the play is that bad things didn’t happen to Barbie (TM).

The next production is Cyrano de Bergerac, and I would definitely look out for it. The Happy Dagger Theatre company are excellent.


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