simple answer

First day at uni, then off to Limited Edition.

H got to place his first red spot, on a piece entitled ‘Snaked’ (Acrylic on canvas).

I’m not so keen on the frame, but I like the painting because it could be a photograph, textile, or a painting. You have to look up close, and then away, to see what you want to see.

Our next door neighbour kindly collected the piece for us when the exhibition closed the following week. That’s the one annoying thing about art exhibitions. You don’t usually get to walk out with your purchase.

I didn’t realise how difficult it would be to take a photograph of a picture. But here it is out of square, fingerprints and all.

The speeches could have turned the art exhibition into a second wake, but fortunately we were told not to ask how a painting was named or what was the inspiration – as no one alive knows. This made everyone laugh and the tension leaving the room was palpable. Sue went on to say that she thought that Nigel may have enjoyed peoples’ discomfort as they themselves attempted to interpret his paintings. I must admit I enjoy exhibitions more when I can experience it for myself rather than being told.


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