in transit

Today I found out from Under Mouse Arrest that Perth is to be the first Australian city to be included in Google Transit, a trip planning service offered by Google.

Recently, I used the Transperth website to plan trips to Perth International Arts Festival events. It mostly worked. I knew at what time to catch the bus and where, and even found out that if I got off on St Georges Tce a few stops early the fare was $1.50 (2 Sections) instead of $2.20 (1 Zone).

Trip planning was always done ahead of time as the Transperth web site is slow, and it does take a while to navigate around the maps and suggested routes.

I have previously used Google Maps to find routes from Perth, for example, to Koorda or Bremer Bay. But being able to do this around the city would be terrific, particularly if the Google service speeded the task up and included the public transport data.

Somewhat related, Uncle C started to send coordinates via SailMail. Then stopped due to technical difficulties. But hopefully when he starts again I will be able to use Google Maps to chart his progress across the Pacific.


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