pork san choy bau

We used to buy some packaged food from the Asia at Home range. However, as these disappeared from the shelves at the shop, they were dropped from our weekly shopping.

The Asia at Home range was good from the point of view that they provided all ingredients except for the fresh meat and vegetable ingredients that you added during preparation. Now we have a refrigerator and cupboard that includes various bottles and jars of fish sauce, hoisin sauce, miso paste, sweet chilli sauce (now make my own), oelek paste, soy sauce, laksa paste, etc, etc.

Last year we were given a calendar from the local butcher (Clayton’s Quality Meats) that included a recipe for each month. Pork san choy bau was one of the recipes we kept from the calendar as we were unable to obtain the Asia at Home product from the shop that offered all the ingredients except for the minced pork and lettuce.

However, I just noticed today that the calender recipe includes a web site, www.pork.com.au. Doing a bit of a scrat around, I found the recipe for which I have a paper version albeit a rather battered and torn picture from a calendar.

Now that I know that hoisin sauce is made from fermented soy beans, I’m happy to substitute this ingredient with miso paste that I have on hand as an ingredient to some Japanese recipes that I use.

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