getting mobile with an apple

My first notebook, and its a MacBook.

Last year I felt that while I was at uni I could have been more productive if I had a computer available.

This year I need EndNote which is only available for Windows or Mac, not Debian GNU/Linux which I primarily now use at the office.

Fortunately, H has set up our network such that I was able to plug the MacBook straight on and get access to the internet so that I could download Firefox and KompoZer. Firefox, because that is the browser that I am most familiar with on other platforms, and KompoZer because I will be conducting a tutorial to create a web site similar to the one that I presented last semester using Nvu.

I don’t really need any super duper word processing or associated office type tools, but I thought that I could contribute to by downloading and installing the Mac OS X Aqua versions as they become available. In the meantime, I’m quite happy to use TextEdit to draft and save documents in OpenDocument Text (odt) format so that if I transfer them to my desktop machine I can continue to work there.

Apart from getting EndNote installed at uni, I have on my ta-da list to figure out how to transfer files across the network between my Linux box and the MacBook.

Also, I am in the process of decommissioning my very old SPARCstation (Solaris) and Intel box (Windows 98 SE) which will free up a lot of desk space and get rid of a lot of dust.


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