five artists five songs

This request was sent to me by anxiolytic.

1. List your five favourite artists
2. List your five favourite songs by those artists
3. Tag five other people to do it

I struggled with ‘favourite’ as a qualifier, as I tend to go for songs and albums, rather than artists. But I narrowed the list down by thinking of the songs that I would be happy to play over and over. In no particular order.

White Stripes
– Fell in Love With a Girl
– Icky Thump
– My Doorbell
– Conquest
– You Don’t Know What Love Is (You Just Do As You’re Told)

Led Zeppelin
– Black Dog
– Stairway To Heaven
– The Song Remains the Same
– All My Love
– Dazed and Confused

Jimi Hendrix
– Red House
– Are You Experienced
– Foxy Lady
– The Wind Cries Mary
– Purple Haze

Lee Sappho
– It’s None of My Business (What You Think about Me)
– Glad To Be Alive
– Stop Sniffin’ ‘Round My Patch
– Mister Mean
– Nobody Loves Me (Like My Old Man)

Ed Kuepper
– Real Wild Life
– Hang Jean Lee
– Yellow Dog
– The Way I Made You Feel
– If I Had A Ticket

Tagging trs80, Celeste, Teri, Anne, and Zanchey.


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