decisions decisions

This weekend:

  • Do ‘at home’ stuff because we have been out for the last three weeks at the Perth International Arts Festival, including cleaning, ironing and finding out where I’m up to with painting the fence, sanding oregon doors, and cutting glass for the fanlight leadlight.
  • Set out a course of action because it is the first week of uni.
  • Drive to the Perth Chilli Festival at Araluen Botanic Park. And on the way or on the way back visit Zanthorrea Nursery because we (well H) has a gift certificate.
  • Attend an IWD event on the day.
  • Go on the train to the Mandurah Crab Fest.
  • Laze around and read a book, currently Fast, Loose Beginnings by John Kinsella.
  • Go to the Women’s Showcase at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.
  • Drive to see the Sculptures by the Sea on and near Cottesloe Beach.

Perhaps I’ll get Friday done first and see how I wake up tomorrow. Work, uni, and then art exhibition.


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