unreserved standing

For us, Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings was the last Perth International Arts Festival music concert.

Sharon Jones can ‘move’ and the songs together with the Dap-Kings, well you can’t but help but move too 🙂

We decided that rather than sit on the couches at the back of the dance floor that we would go and stand between the stacks. The sound was not super good here, but it was great atmosphere for dancing and watching the band up close. The only thing that spoilt it was the Paris Hilton wannabees, or princessess and pornstars [1] as Emily Maguire calls them. I had a couple push in front of me and stand right in front so that I no longer had room to sway never mind dance. They moved on eventually as the people who were dancing next to me were very indignant on my behalf and called them out and didn’t give way to them. I must admit I thought ‘unreserved standing’ was like ‘unreserved seating’, i.e. once you had your seat or standing room, it was yours until you gave it up.

The non-stop musical performance by the Dap-Kings and Sharon Jones singing and strutting was energetic, and they appeared to be able to do this with little effort. It was only very much later that the Dap-Kings started to look a bit hot in their suits. The brass section was great, trumpet and two sax (tenor and baritone).

The concert was part of the 100 Days, 100 Nights tour, and it was great to see this song performed live having seen it on YouTube. Another song that I thought was cool that I have been able to find online is Answer Me. Other tracks are on the Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings MySpace.

We didn’t stay for the After Party, there was enough crap on the dance floor to make it positively revolting if not dangerous. There was quite a queue to go into the venue, so with us going out a couple more could go in already barefoot and holding their strappy sandals. Interestingly, as we walked up St Georges Tce to catch the bus, there were a lot of young things making their way down to the Music Box. I found out later that they had come from the Future Music Festival. One of which asked for directions who had become separated from her friends and stated that she was afraid of being ‘mugged’. As H said, this is Perth not New York, and if anything similar is going to happen on St Georges Tce then it would be ‘assault’. Some were rather worse for wear (alcohol must have been cheaper at Future Music), and some carrying water bottles so that they could stay moist.

I think I’ll give festivals a miss for a while. I feel that the tickets are overpriced for what you get. Not sure about the Music Box, but other venues such as the Fremantle Arts Centre do not allow passouts, and there is a limited variety of fastfood and drinks (depending on sponsors). If you were going to an all day or weekend concert, such as the Blues ‘n’ Roots festival, you have to have a certain level of festival fitness.

[1] Princessess and Pornstars, Life Matters, ABC (25.4MB MP3, start 28:12 in)


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