WA on Show

Lots to see and not see at WA on Show.

There were a lot of displays suggesting that regions of Western Australia are places to go with things to do. For example, the Mandurah Crabfest is on next weekend. I thought it may be a good idea if you were looking for a reason to try out the new bit of train track. The reason I noticed the display is because they had a light blue/beige scooter which is a prize for a competition during the Crabfest. I thought it would be just right for popping to the shops when I couldn’t be bothered getting into clothes suitable for riding my bicycle.

I thought that the Main Roads Department’s static display of historical posters was the most interesting. For example, there was a great photo of a Volkswagen Beetle going through a very rocky river bed. Made me wonder why we needed all these slick bitumen roads for the increasing number of 4WDs.

Although I was resisting collecting pamphlets and show give-aways, when we stopped to ask questions or fill in a competition entry (bikes and weekends away being the most popular), we were plied with the ‘stuff’.

Some of the stuff was quite useful, such as the sachets of sunscreen, pens, and travel tags. But we were on our way to the Music Box with plans to dance and didn’t want to be carting stuff around. So I found a phone booth on the walk up St Georges Tce, and left the show bag there thinking that anyone that went to use the phone would have more time to fossick through the bag and take anything they found useful.


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