Amusing but not hiliarous. The Irish accents got in the way for me such that I could not understand some a lot.

I got the gist though, and I enjoyed being in an audience that was obviously enjoying the live theatre. Fortunately, the comedy consisted of snatches of conversation between the main protagonists (Da and Son) that were not heavily prerequisite to understanding subsequent topics for discussion. The fiddle and guitar accompaniments and interludes were pretty cool too.

On the way out I said that I could have done with sub-titles, and remembered that Trad was a captioned performance. Except that captioning is advertised as being for the hearing impaired not the accent challenged, and I may not have been able to sit next to H.

Friends who also went to see Black Watch agreed that captioning to understand the Scottish accents during that performance would have been useful too. We laughed when they said the most often used word was well understood whatever the accent.


2 thoughts on “Trad

  1. Hm. I only missed three or four expressions so I found it very funny and very clever. It was all over too soon! 🙂

    Learning that the lad (of 70) living on the island had “a powerful stare on him” and the priests detailed description of the miracle of his conception really made the night 😀

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