Lids for Propagating Trays

Yay, I now have umpteen clear acrylic lids for my propagating trays.

I have been trying to remember when this project started. It was after we got a shade house and while I was a member of The Digger’s Club. It was also when H was using acylic for another project, and used to go the company of a family friend to get it cut to order. Well, we no longer have the shade house, I have not been a member of the club for over ten years, and the plastics company no longer exists because the proprieter died.

I resumed propagating and growing plants from seeds last year, and completing the project was a way to clear the material from H’s shed.

H obtained a new tube of glue, and we set up the ultra-violet tube in my fish tank light fitting to fix the glue quicker. This was after H spent many painstaking hours scraping and cleaning off the paper that was adhered to the acrylic to protect it.

Today, I took some cuttings from the Santolina chamaecyparissus [1]. This is very hardy plant with silvery-grey foliage and pretty yellow button flowers. Once established, it requires very little water. I know this, as the plant from which I took the cuttings was the last surviving plant from my herb garden on the verge that had not been watered for many years.

Santolina also has a very pungent smell although I don’t find it unpleasant. When I checked my book for spelling the species name, I read that the plant is used “sweeten the air”. I’ll hopefully be using it as a fill-in plant while I kill and remove the couch from the side verge.

[1] Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures when it was flowering last month.


6 thoughts on “propagating

  1. This is very interesting. I hope you will post pics of the progress. Sometimes it is fun to pick up a project after years of taking a break from it. Have you seen Edenmakers blog today. She did a bed of Lavender cotton in two different colors and it was stunning.

  2. @deb, flowergardengirl, Robin
    Thank you for stopping by to leave a comment.

    @ deb
    I had to look up Copper Canyon Daisy. Do you think that Copper Canyon Daisy and Santolina smell similar?

    I’ll try to show progress with the propagating tray covers and Santolina. Although, propagating appears to be a little easier than taking pictures that depict progress in an interesting way.

    Thank you for pointing me to Edenmakers’ Blog, I am certainly inspired by the look of the “Checkerboard” Santolina Garden Bed!.

    I think one of the reasons we went for making them ourselves in acrylic was that we thought that the plastic ones that were available to us at the time appeared a little flimsy.

    So far I think they are working well, as it is the dry wind that tends to make it hard going for any cuttings that I’m trying to get going.

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