limited edition

“… while many of the paintings illustrate his earlier fascination with the West Australian landscape and a focus on colour and texture, others show a transition to an “eclectic style” whereby he made art by embellishing and tampering with ephemera.”

Accent Gallery Fine Art Gallery [1] in Dalkeith is featuring an exhibition of Nigel Treadgold’s work titled “Limited Edition … a retrospective exhibition”.

Opening Friday 7 March, 6pm – 8pm
Exhibition Saturday 8 March – Wednesday 12 March, 10am – 5pm

It is a collection of works produced during his illness, “which worked as a wonderful therapy”. Diagnosed of cancer early in 2005, Nigel died last year and is very much missed by his family and friends.

Nigel was not a near neighbour, but I remember his laughter. The street is very quiet now. Like everything associated with Nigel, I’m sure the exhibition will be a celebration of his life, uplifting and full.

[1] I’m posting the exhibition details from the printed invitation as the gallery does not maintain its web site and you may not be on the gallery mailing list.


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