out or in

We were going to the Somerville, but both of us were still up to our eyeballs in work when we should have been preparing our picnic. So we finished work and then cooked the same dish we were going to have at our picnic. The only difference is that instead of the bottle of Trilogy that we usually take to the festival films, we had Annie’s Lane Shiraz instead which is pretty yummy.

Jill Dupleix writes of her spaghetti with natural tomato sauce recipe; “The shock of the cold, raw tomato against the heat of the pasta brings this dish alive”.

When I read this, I thought “Oh yeah”. But we have had this dish several times now, and it is OH YEAH!

It is very simple to make, but you do have to prepare the tomato sauce an hour or so ahead.

Also, if you cannot obtain the small amount of basil leaves from your garden or grocer, then you can always make pesto with the remainder if you have to buy a minimum quantity as dictated by the packaging. I had planned to do this the previous two times that I got too much basil, but today was the first time I actually did it. We find pine nuts are too tasty to be sitting around in the pantry.


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