I’ve discovered Pandora, as in the jewelery not the myth. The charms are in the form of beads (silver, gold, Murano glass, precious and semi-precious stones) and these can be threaded onto a bracelet, anklet, or necklace.

I was shown the Pandora range when I went to get a charm silver soldered onto my bracelet. I had to think it through whether I was being given the hard sell, or whether I thought it was a Good Thing. It was both. But on the second visit (I had to leave my bracelet and charm to be soldered) I asked to see some of the beads that I had looked at in the brochure that I been given. For example, the Hedgehog and Princess and The Pea. I have very little jewelery to know that I don’t usually get excited about it, but I think the beads are gorgeous.

The ‘hintiest hint’ to H meant that Valentine’s Day made me the ecstatic owner of my first bead which I threaded onto a piece of leather thong to tie as a necklace. The Hedgehog bead is so cute, as it has the prickly back, soft feet and underbelly of a hedgehog.

Valentine’s Day was a big night in rather than go out for dinner as we are pretty busy with the Perth International Arts Festival. But the meal was special in that it was dishes that we don’t normally prepare when eating ourselves, i.e. lamb racks basted with marinating paste (cooked in charcoal Weber). creamy potato gratin and garden salad. And H went to Bocelli Restaurant and got some of their delicious creme caramel for sweets. We were going to get a bottle of sparkling shiraz, but we have a stash of Trilogy (for our festival film picnics), so we just had a bottle of that since it was already cold.

Valentine’s Day can be seen as crass commercialism based on the countdown by florists and the retailer advertising. I say, it’s what you make of it (or don’t). I don’t need an excuse to give H a present, but special days make it easier to go shopping as they are then stocked with choices. As someone that makes a list to go shopping for ‘stuff’, the infrequent visits to the city leading up to so called special days provide an opportunity for me to follow up gift ideas, and successfully (I’m always hopeful) obtain and cross the items off the list.

I could have got H’s gift online, but I spotted it in a local shop before I got around to ordering. I much prefer internet shopping, but for ‘stuff’ that I don’t normally buy I often want to see or touch before it goes on the shopping list or purchased.

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