Meow Meow was absolutely fabulous at the Perth Festival’s Beck’s Music Box. Sheer entertainment, cabaret style turned on its head.

She arrived pulling a luggage bag through the audience from the back of the venue where the audience enters. I noticed her pretty much straight away as we were sitting above the entrance and my interest was not held by the pianist that had just come on stage. Also, it was pretty hot last night and most of the audience were dressed to keep cool. Meow Meow arrived wearing a black leather overcoat, and as the watching and participating audience found out – several layers underneath.

The first number included several of the audience ‘assisting’ her to get to the stage. This involved ‘volunteers’ to evocatively remove pieces of clothing and putting them on the stage and carrying her luggage. Finally, Meow Meow was carried on stage to the hilarity of the audience.

You could tell that she must have been a classical and or professional dancer in the way she was able to anticipate the often clumsy moves and work with them to be lifted. This was demonstrated fully when she had the audience helping her to crowd surf, which was funny as it appeared a lot of people sitting in the area below the stage did not understand her instructions or what she was going to do. Part of the act I’m sure, but she ended up shouting out instructions such as “Stand up.” and “Put your arms in the air.”, and as she surfed around chastising the people that were still sitting down.

There was much to laugh at, and her voice had incredible range. From low and soft, to really high and or belting out the songs.

One of the funny bits was the claim that they had to ‘cut down’ on this production so while the pianist assumed the role of multimedia in setting up a digital projector, one of the audience was brought up to play or ‘just look gorgeous’ at the piano. The volunteer pianist explained that he could not play anything that she could sing to, so Meow Meow demonstrated her operatic range. However, the pianist went on to play a very classical piece that definitely was not accompaniment to any lyrics, so they negotiated to play a note so that they could finish together. Meanwhile, the pianist/multimedia fellow had set up the equipment, so that the images from her Las Vegas show could be projected onto her now bared torso. It was unexpected and hilarious.

Lots of antics involved audience participation, and those that were called up were excellent in that although they were encouraged “Not to be frightened” got over their obvious embarrassment and had a go. Often not knowing what to do, they were prompted to “Just do something interesting.” with much innuendo. One woman who was asked to sing something did a marvelous job at just singing “I wish I hadn’t sat on the aisle” and “I don’t know the words to any songs”.

Meow Meow sang some songs in French. During one, pretending to be exasperated that most of the audience does not understand French, she tried other languages including Chinese, before she got a volunteer from the audience to translate some very evocative lyrics. It was funny because the volunteer translator would often snort or exclaim into the shared microphone before providing the English translation.

All in all a very entertaining evening.

I tried to enter a competition to win tickets to go again or if I could bear to part with them give them to someone else. Unfortunately, I was unable to complete the entry (or there is no indication that I have been successful). I did fill the mandatory fields so I don’t know whether it is my browser or what. Anyway, if you are so inclined you can enter ( yourself for this or other shows up until the 14 Feb. Note: The link to the competition was provided in the Perth Festival eNews that I received this morning.


4 thoughts on “meowwwwwwwwwwwww

  1. Yes, It was a great show.

    I was laughing and listening to the very clever delivery when, after more audience applause and her frequent response “I know! I know!” I suddenly connected Meow Meow to Danny John-Jules (as Cat in Red Dwarf) and laughed louder.

    When you’re a cat, it’s all about ME 🙂 tho’ in most other respects they were very different creatures .. or characters rather.

    On again tonight but sold out to the lucky Music Box goers who have a ticket. Don’t be afraid to sit in the aisle.

    Thanks for coming Meow Meow; egg timers and all 😉

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  3. Interesting. We saw her in Sydney a year or two back and were a little underimpressed. Yes, great voice, good stage presence and audience interaction, but not much in the way of actual… *content*. She also got tipsy during the show and was very flirty and affectionate at the downstairs bar afterwards, but in a strangely plaintive and despairing way. It made me a little sad.

  4. I’m sorry to hear that Meow Meow’s performance is not consistent in a professional sense.

    Meow Meow was near the bar as we went out to sign CDs (or anything you want) and she was still full on and very present.

    However, we spoke to someone who saw both Perth performances and he said the second night he felt was a bit flat. But he thought this was more to do with the audience than Meow Meow.

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